ISTANBUL DINING CRUISES We offer a variety of dining cruises that combine delicious food with a scenic tour of Bosphorus and Istanbul, as well as fun, social cocktail events. Our menus include freshly caught seafood, locally grown vegetables, premium cocktails, beer from local breweries, and irresistible desserts, all prepared onboard by our award-winning staff.

Private Dining cruises, Groups of 10 or more

Private Dining cruises istanbul
For a unique and memorable experience, we invite you to enjoy the Pure beauty of the Bosphorus.

Private Dining cruises, Groups of 10 or more


Aboard the vessel you will experience exquisite catering prepared by our talented chefs whilst enjoying the sights along the Bosphorus.

We offer an exclusive catering service for any kind of cocktail, event and dinner organizations. The options include open buffet, set menu and cocktail menus as well as special menus that can be created upon individual group requests. The catering is served from our fully- equipped galleys by our professional team. Aboard the vessel you will experience exquisite catering prepared by our talented chefs whilst enjoying the sights along the Bosphorus.

Here are some sample of our Exquisite Menus, different coctail and meal menus are available and can be sent by e-mail. Or you could also order your a special menu.


Appetizer platter

Mini stuffed eggplant

Stuffed paprika with olive oil

Stuffed wine leaves & Cracked wheat (Kısır)

Hot appetizer/Tongs service

“Börek” with basil and cheese & Meatball wrapped with eggplant


“Seasonal salad”
Fresh greens, cherry tomatoes served with sour pomegranate sauce

Main Course

Owen baked meatballs with vegetable

Served with
Mashed potatoes with basil & Bouquet of vegetable


Brownie with chocolate sauce and fresh fruit

Tabletop snacks

Crispy dough with olive paste and sesame seeds

Mixed olives with fresh herbs

Cherry tomatoes and cucumber

Pickled plum & Types of unshelled nuts

Cold Appetizer

Cheese balls with Crispy sesame, parsley and coconut

Cream cheese wrapped in spinach crepes, veal ham and pickles

Eggplants salad in tartlets

Sliced tomatoes on crispy bread, fresh basil and olive oil

Hot appetizer

Tart with cheese and basil

Mini meatballs with BBQ salsa

Chicken leg on skewers served with sweet chili salsa

Tart with cheese and spinach

Cold Redfreshments

Fresh green beans with olive oil

Fried eggplant, pepper and zucchini with tomato sauce

Stuffed zucchini

Beans Salad (Pilaki)

Dried red pepper stuffed with Olive Oil

Stuffed vine leaves with olive oil and cherry

Circassian chicken with walnuts

Salad with eggplant and vegetable


Mix salad with pomegranate sauce

Wheat salad

Mediterranean salad with seasonal greens, olive oil and lemon sauce

Main Courses

Lamb in the oven & Chicken Topkapı


Eggplant puree & Rice with almond and butter


Turkish desserts with syrup and milk :

Fıstıklı burma
Milk pudding with mastic, servied with cherries


Seasonal fruit will be served

Tour Information

Tour Type : PrivateGroup Size : from 10 to 300 people Transport : Bus, Boat