Bosphorus Cruise Istanbul is a bridge between Europe and Asia, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, a position that endows it with one of the most unique and beautiful settings in the world. For, between the hills on the European and Asiatic shores flows the BOSPHORUS, the brightest gem in the diadem of nature.

The Submarine Topography of the Bosphorus

The depth of the Bosphorus  varies generally between 50-70 metres. This depth increases as the shores of the Bosphorus approach each-other. The deepest point in the Bosphorus lies between the Bebek Mosque and the promontory of Kandilli, where it reaches 160 metres. Between Amavutkoy's Devil's current and the Vanikoy pier, the Bosphorus is 106 metres deep. The depth of the Bosphorus between Rumeli Kavak and the Genoese Castle on the Asiatic shore is 75 and, between Sariyer and the banks of-the Giant's Mountain, 85 metres.

There is a general inclination of 0.001 in the Bosphorus from the south to the north. There are one or two sandbanks in the Bosphorus; the most important ones are known as the "midwife's stool" before the Rumeli Feneri (Beacon) and the sandbanks in between Beykoz and Selvi Bumu, Yenikoy pier and the Kalender promontory and those before Kurucesme village.

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